Additional Options

It’s the little things that can make a big difference!  A wide range of additional options available from Premier Eco Cards.


Additional Options

Wide range of plastic card options including magnetic strips, calendars, signature strips, barcodes, sequential numbering, embossed , QR codes, personalisation and slot hole punching.


When you want to make your customers feel a bit more special, keep track of your members or add a bit of extra security these additional options can give your cards the edge.

  • Made with solid plastic cores not encapsulated paper. Further discounts available on larger quantities.
  • Gloss and matt finish available on most cards. ID Cards – minimum order 5 cards.
  • Full Colour – minimum order 50 cards. Single or double sided print at no extra cost.
  • Many extras available including magnetic stripes, embossing, numbering, calendars, signature strips, QR codes, barcodes, personalisation and slot/hole punching.

If you would like to see examples of our cards please order a free sample pack HERE


Magentic Strips

Embossed Plastic Cards

Sequential Numbering


Signature Strips

QR Codes


Personalised Cards

Slot / Hole Punching

Eco Friendly

Printed in the UK

Fast Turn Around

Design & Artwork