Eco-Degradable and Recyclable Plastic Cards

Premier Eco Cards Recyclable and degradable plastic cards

Eco-Degradable and Recyclable Plastic Cards

If you’re looking to have cards printed for business, membership, discount or gift card purposes but would like to be more conscious of the environment, we can provide cards printed on fully recyclable or degradable stock!

Our most ground-breaking materials can be used with full colour printing.

TESLIN® Biodegradable Substrate (the core of the card) has been independently tested to decompose and break down in an environmentally friendly manner when placed in an oxygen free environment but without compromising on any quality and durability.

SICOECO Degradable Film is a degradable PVC film (the laminate) that is placed onto the cards.  The film allows the cards to completely degrade harmlessly.

People keep degradable plastic cards!

If you would like to see examples please order a free sample pack HERE.

Also, responding to a greater demand for sustainability our spot colour cards can be recycled into reusable material as well as waste to energy recycling.

Being a greener company will help your business stand out from the crowd. If customers know that you have clearly thought about the impact your business is having on the environment, then they will have a greater affinity with you.

Why plastic cards?

Hand out a stylish and eye catching card design ..

Creating an impression is vitally important, and making one that lasts even more so. Leaving a plastic card that really stands out, helps to make that impression longer lasting.

Unique designs, personalisation, bright colours, advanced printing technologies and artistic effects can ensure your card is received and not forgotten.

Plastic cards are not thrown away, they are kept, unlike paper cards.  We have many options including recyclable plastics.

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